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Decorating Don’ts You Should Avoid

Buying a new home or moving into a new apartment is exciting!  You can furnish it and decorate it in your own style and leave your mark on your very own space.  Everyone wants a beautiful home that they can be proud of.  Beautiful interior design doesn’t come easy to everyone and sometimes the design just doesn’t flow.

 Here are some decorating don’ts you should avoid:

  • Don’t pick the paint before the furniture. Your furniture is a long term purchase and it will become the focal point of your interior design theme.  You want to choose paint colors that work with your furniture.  Painting first limits the colors of the furniture that you can choose.
  • Measure the room before you buy furniture. The last thing you want to do is to fall in love with a living room suite or even just a sofa only to bring it home and find that it is far too big for the room.  It happens more often than you think.  Before you shop for furniture measure the space first and bring your tape measure with you to the furniture store.  You can get the right furniture that flows within your living space.
  • Don’t pick trendy over comfortable. Trendy furniture looks great except for two things, it is going to go out of style fairly quickly and it is not always comfortable.  If you are going to spend the next 5-10 years sitting on a couch then you want it to be comfortable, the same goes for your chairs.  There are plenty of stylish and comfortable pieces that will last.
  • Don’t overdo it with the strange and wonderful. There is nothing wrong with liking unique conversation pieces and incorporating them into your decorating.  They become a problem when they aren’t functional or when they go completely out of style two weeks after you bought them.  Having eclectic tastes is cool, but don’t go crazy with it.
  • Having too many tchotchkes in your room. Like unicorns or decorative spoons, that’s awesome but don’t let your collections take over.  Not only will you be perpetually dusting to keep your room looking clean and neat but they is a point where it is too much.  Plants are a beautiful addition to a room, however living in a green house is not so much fun.  Less is always more.

There you have it, some decorating don’ts you should avoid while you are putting together your new place.   Don’t worry we have plenty of tips on how you can create a beautiful space too.

Rolling Readers

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Every week without fail, Irene Corey goes to Herbert Ibarra Elementary School in San Diego’s City Heights’ neighborhood to inspire 25 children to learn to read. 205 other Rolling Readers’ volunteers like Irene visit 214 elementary classrooms throughout San Diego County on a weekly basis. Thanks to these volunteers, 6,500 low-income San Diego children are inspired to become readers and overcome the challenges of living in poverty.

Twenty-two years ago, Rolling Readers was founded with the belief that with just a couple of staff to manage, an army of volunteers could make a difference in the lives of our children. This army of Rolling Readers lives throughout San Diego County, but they have this in common: they travel every week during the school year to one of San Diego’s poorest neighborhoods to read aloud to the same classroom of children. This weekly model of commitment, selflessness, and caring is as important as sharing a love of reading in transforming these children into eager readers and lifelong learners.

Learn more about becoming a weekly read-aloud volunteer.