About Us

The mission of Rolling Readers USA is to inspire all children, particularly the economically and socially disadvantaged, to love reading through read-aloud volunteers and new book ownership. Studies show that children who read for fun (i.e. outside of school or school assignments) are more likely to become lifelong learners. For example:

  • At all ages, students who read for fun score higher on standardized tests than their peers who never read for fun.
  • The top achieving 5% of students read, on average, 144 times more than the lowest achieving 5% of students.

Research also reveals that young children who have access to books in the home and who are read aloud to regularly have the best chance of becoming successful readers. Without literacy, which is the gateway skill for success in every arena, children are promised a future of low wages and few opportunities. Today, one in five Southern California residents possess below basic literacy skills, which means they cannot complete even the most basic tasks, such as reading instructions or completing forms. Rolling Readers USA, our board of directors, and our volunteers are passionate about changing the futures of our communities’ children through literacy and education—the only way to break the cycles of poverty and hopelessness that plague those with low-literacy skills.