Western Decor Essentials: Rugs, Drapes, Horse Art, etc.

Western room decor has always been very important to me. I believe certain colors or objects can improve one’s mood significantly. Before I moved from my hometown, I was struggling with depression and anxiety; my grandmother, who I was living with, noticed my change of mood and suggested that we change my bland, white walls into a color that could improve my mood. We looked around at Lowes, and I decided on a pretty teal-blue color. Blue tones tend to give people a feeling of calm and relaxation, so once we finished painting it, it looked much homier. Once I put my posters back up and got a new matching bedspread, I really did feel better.

Western Rugs Are The Foundation of Any Western Style Interior Design Makeover

My surroundings were much more my style and my room was finally exactly the way I wanted it. I have since moved away, but I still keep that beautiful teal-blue color in my room because it really does improve my mood and help me relax. Another decoration I love is Christmas lights or fairy lights. Having this small string of lights hung on the wall really creates a cozy feeling when you are watching a movie or getting ready for bed. I enjoy the plain white-yellow lights, but the people who use the multi-colored lights are much more daring than I am. Also, photos with inspiring or uplifting quotes are very popular and nice. Having something to read, such as “Be bold!”, can definitely give you a much-needed confidence boost when you’re feeling low and it can also give you the motivation to take your day head on! I really enjoy shopping for new western decor because change is always a good thing and sometimes, the western decorations you once loved may not suit you anymore. One of the pieces of western decor that I was really happy that I purchased was an area rug in western style.  They had a ton of different sizes, but I decided to go with a southwest 8×10 rug.  There is always a different color or a new knickknack to receive or buy. Everyone has a different taste, you just have to find what suits you the best!


When I hear the term “western decor,” I think of objects that improve the aesthetic of a particular area or building in general, while the decor is technically not necessary to improve the quality of living for a house, it does help to improve the feeling of being at home. Everyone’s idea of what western decor makes their home feel like an actual home varies across numerous spectrums. I am not entirely sure as to whether this is true or not, but I feel that once one begins to apply decor and add onto it, things tend to fall into place in terms of design. The goal of each is to improve the look of each place. There are multiple reasons for the presence of western decor. One of the main reasons is, as I mentioned previously, to make a particular place feel more home-like.

Another reason is to impress those who come into the home. One of the views placed on society is one’s social status being equivalent to the size and the internal appearance of their house. It’s widely believed that if one has more “expensive” western decor than someone else, they are of the upper class. What a lot of people don’t consider, at least in my opinion is the potential theory that those of the lower class actually make their own decor. In doing this, another reason for having western decor surfaces: Pride.

Everyone remembers hanging their childhood drawings up on the fridge or the wall, eager to show their parents. Similarly, a decor artist may hang what they make on their wall mainly because they’re proud of their creations. Hunters do the exact same thing when they make a kill. Granted, some people may have their oppositions about what decor should be on one’s walls, but it’s ultimately up to the owner. Western decor does more than just add flair to a room. Based on the nature of the decor artist, it can give an insight as to their interests and potentially their views, be them religious, philosophical, or even miscellaneous. Regardless, it gives the presence of western decor even more validation, which thus increases the need and importance for it.